About SOS


Where did it start?

My name is Claire and I am the founder of saveoursanity.org.  I moved into the Huntingdon area in the summer of 2011, with a 3.5 year old very energetic son, an 8 week old daughter and a husband spending long hours working and commuting in London. I did not know anyone and so I also moved with a fear I would go insane pretty quick.

Being a second time Mum I was at least aware of where to go for help and advice about playgroups and other activities for babies and children. The National Childbirth Trust were very helpful, as were the local Children’s Centres and it quickly became clear that there was loads going on in the area. I found myself drawing up timetables of the next week’s events that I could take the kids to and try and make some new friends myself.

As I tapped away on my phone checking e-mails and surfing the web, I decided there must be a better way to organise myself than pen and paper and so the idea for Saveoursanity.org was born….a website that gives a daily view of kid-related activities in the area.

Whilst similar to the many magazine based listings this site is unique in that it can be updated quickly if a playgroup or activity is added or cancelled . There is no charge to list any activity as this would compromise the very integrity of the site, and indeed there is no charge to use the website to find out about local events – I aim simply to be the best, most comprehensive and accurate listing of activities for young children in the Huntingdon and surrounding area.

Where are we at?

The website has gone from strength to strength and I have extended coverage to offer suggestions for activities for older children during the school holidays. The website works best because it is founded on local knowledge and geographically it needs to be quite local to avoid missing events or listing activities that are no longer happening. I have tried to extend to St Ives but haven’t been able to pick up on any activities except those run by the St Ives Children’s Centre, and so have now scaled back to focus on Huntingdon and its immediate surrounding area.

Calendar Events

These are generally playgroups and other drop-in activities that don’t require booking (it will be made clear in the post on the odd occasion that booking is required). During term time these will be relevant to children who are not yet at school. During the school holidays I will list activities in the calendar suitable for primary school age children.

Business Profiles

These are the tabs that run along the top of the website and is where you can find ideas for regular (often term time) paid for activities such as swimming lessons, sports, music, language lessons etc. These can be suitable for both the under 5′s and primary school aged children. It will cover the same geography as the calendar listings but may go slightly further afield (particularly to St Neots) if there is limited supply of that type of course in the immediate Huntingdon area.

Also in the tabs you will find ideas for local soft play centres, parks, playgrounds etc. as well as a tab for ‘Days Out’ – these will generally be within about an hour’s drive of Huntingdon, perhaps a bit further if it’s something really special.

If any businesses wish to have a premium profile or banner advertising then please contact me via claire@saveoursanity.org

Where are we going ?

This is where you come in! The website is dependent on those running and attending activities to let me know about them – what’s missing, is a playgroup being cancelled etc.   It’s also your chance to give some advice – are your child’s swimming lessons good value, or do you know or a particularly great child-friendly restaurant for example. With regards to reviews I will display both positive and negative reviews and the relevant business will of course have a right to respond. However, the site is not a public discussion forum or a place to vent a personal vendetta and so any subsequent comments (“he said, she said”) are unlikely to be uploaded as they will not add any value to the site.

Its also down to you to spread the word – this is very much a labour of love and if it is to keep going then people need to visit the site and let me know it is worthwhile!  So please like us on Facebook, follow us on Twitter and tell all your friends about the site…

Social Media

Please do follow us on twitter and Facebook – you can do so by clicking the links on the site. I also produce a monthly newsletter listing upcoming events in the local area – you can sign up to this on the homepage, or see the most recent version in the ‘Monthly Newsletter’ tab.

The Disclaimer….

As I have said, this is something I am doing on a voluntary basis and the listings are as accurate as they can be – but please be aware that sometimes playgroups etc. can be cancelled at short notice.